Gunnar alias BlackShadow

  He is our Manager for Public Relations and administrates the forum. He also developed the new webpage design for Walkover. Last but not least, he is the developer of BlackShadow's Walkover Map-editor.


  Last but not least, myself, the founder of MPE. So I'm something like the head of it. But actually, we are democratically organized :)

I'm currently working (if there is time ...) on: this website, Walkover, WebRPG, Volley, and experimenting with some popular free libraries like Ogre3D, Crystal Space, Newton Game Dynamics.

I'm especially interested in multiplayer networking. That's basically the main reason why I started Walkover those days.

Personal Homepage: http://www.transmogrifier.de/marc

Former & Inactive Members

Benjamin alias Benv

  Ben is our graphical expert. You can see a lot of his designs on the walkover website. He created most of the graphics for Walkover and its website that were not taken from free online resources.

Elmar alias Elminator

  Elmar is our newest member. At the moment, he develops a new map editor for Walkover.

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