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Cinnamon Warfare

This year at Devmania 2015, almost the same team as the last year teamed up to create Cinnamon Warfare. The theme for the contest was "Wintertraum" ("winter dream"). It's a coop local multiplayer game where you try to defend santa's underpants against snowman with a huge cannon and the santakete - Santa's Rocket. This is serious stuff!

It uses C++ and SFML with Thor.

The game can be downloaded here: Cinnamon Warfare

In Soviet Russia

In Soviet Russia was created during the Devmania 2014. You slide along snowy Russia and try to escape various memes. See the readme for controls - even though they are obvious. :)

It uses C++ and SFML with Thor.

The game can be downloaded here: In Soviet Russia

Lost in Dimensions

Lost in Dimensions is an action game with puzzle elements. The world is ripped apart in several Dimensions and you jump between them every 10 seconds.

I used emscripten which is pretty cool because I so much prefer C++ over javascript and emscripten makes it run in browsers anyways.

The Web version should work in modern browsers supporting WebGL. I tried it in Firefox and Chrome - it runs a bit more fluent on Firefox. I noticed that on XP with older graphics drivers, those browsers disable WebGL. So if you are on XP and have old drivers, either update them or download the native compiled version. Also if your pc is very slow, the native version probably runs faster. You need the VC runtimes for the native version though: http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=30679 . Other native games an programs need them too, so chances are, they are already installed on your pc.

I made this for ludum dare 27. I originally planned to make this a compo entry, but on saturday evening a friend of mine came by and wanted to see what it's all about. So she ended up with drawing a few graphics and so it's a jam entry now.
I fear the game might be a bit hard. So here is a Cheat: You can skip to the next level with 'j'.

The game can be played online in your browser here: Lost in Dimensions

Death Devil Dungeon

Puzzle yourself through the 20 engaging levels to face the Devil. Can you beat him?

Death Devil Dungeon combines Sokoban gameplay with Lava, Physics and the Devil.

The game can be played online in your browser here: Death Devil Dungeon
It's also on Kongregate: Death Devil Dungeon on Kongregate


Ylbin is the oldschool snake game with a few twists.
My entry for the ludum dare 26 compo from 2013-04-27 - 2013-04-28. The Theme was Minimalism. Finally I had a few hours to take part in a ld :)

The game can be played online in your browser here: Ylbin
The page of my ludum dare entry: ludum dare It's also on Kongregate: Ylbin on Kongregate


You are on the German soccer team playing against the Netherlands. The game lasts for 3 minutes. WASD makes you move. Shoot with your mouse buttons. EM2012 was my entry for 7dfps in 2012.

EM2012 homepage: http://www.mpe-online.org/games/em2012

Fists of Fury

This time, Martin and I made Fists of Fury: Fight Hand in Hand against the Terror of Evil! With Guns! Equivalences with real existing persons are just due to the artist sleeping at night :/

This game was created during 0x10h 4 in 2010 from 2010-01-09 - 2010-01-10. 0x10h 4 - It's time to Duel !

The game can be downloaded here: self-extractor

Again thanks to the creators of HGE and Box2D. Without those libs, Fists of Fury wouldn't have been possible over night. But with a more bugfree Box2D, it would have been simpler ...


Ballistix - If that name doesn't explain to you what our game is all about, the title screen won't do it either. Giraffes are in Hell and spit skulls into red baskets to pwn each other.

This game was created during 0x10h 3 from 2009-01-10 - 2009-01-11. 0x10h 3 - Teh Institution in overnight game contesting went into round 3 - and we ate a lot of meat again. :)

The game can be downloaded here: self-extractor

Again thanks to the creators of HGE and Box2D. Without those libs, Ballistix wouldn't have been possible over night.

Photos and Videos of the event taken by myself and my cell phone camera ...

Killer Robots

This year, both Martins and me created a Killer Robot game. It's like a beat'em up with a physical twist: Instead of fighting people you control the four arms of a robot and try to push your enemies out of the fighting arena. Great fun! The original version for the contest relied on game controllers for the input. 4 players were able to play against each other simultaneously. However, after the contest, we decided to add 2 player keyboard controls as well so more people can try it out.
This game was created during Dusmania 10 from 2008-07-19 - 2008-07-20.

The game can be downloaded here: game

Again thanks to the creators of HGE and Box2D. Without those libs, Killerrobots wouldn't have been possible over night.

Hanno's Body Inspection

Again, Martin and I participated together and created Hanno's body inspection. The game idea is related to Katamari Damachi - but this time in 2D - and in Hanno's body - which gets inspected by me. You roll around with a ball and collect all sorts of things. Doing this increases your size so over time you can collect bigger and bigger things.

This game was created during 0x10h 2 from 2008-05-24 - 2008-05-25. The second incarnation of 0x10h was a great success: A larger room with projects and cameras, even more participants, lots of bbq, and most important of all: a lot of finished games!

The game can be downloaded here: game


EM2008 is a multiplayer ball game reinterpreting soccer. Up to 8 players can compete in two teams.

This game was created during 0x10h 1 from 2007-12-27 - 2007-12-28. The first incarnation of 0x10h - a newly established overnight contest with a duration of 0x10h :). Hopefully there is more to come.

The game can be downloaded here: game

I captured the intro speech with my cell phone ... 0

Grandmaster 3000

Dusmania from 2007-08-04 - 2007-08-05. Entertaining like the year before. A lot of interesting people and projects to see. I captured the plan for the project presentations with my cell phone. The actual plan was different though :)

Like the year before, I participated in the overnight contest - this time together with Martin from www.gamedev.de. We built a multiplayer version of tetris where both players move the blocks in the same field:

The game and the source code can be downloaded here: game source code

I also captured a bit of the presentations of the overnight contest - with my cell phone, so the quality is perfect: 0 1 2 3


The first time I attended the Dusmania. After the event was nearly canceled because of to few registrations, the Dusmania 2006 was great after all.

Together with Hanno from the SPS Darmstadt we managed to convince an army (really an army, like 5 !!!) ideling artists to make graphics for an overnight contest game. Due to Hanno's influene, the game turned out to be rather bloody:

We won the 2nd place of the contest with this game. :)

The game can be downloaded here, source code included: download

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